Islamabad: Fire at PID building extinguished

Islamabad: Fire at PID building extinguished

Islamabad (Staff Report): A fire that broke out at the Press Information Department (PID) building at Zero Point in Islamabad on Wednesday, has been extinguished.

A fire that broke out in the Press Information Department (PID) near Zero Point in the capital on Wednesday and engulfed the entire building was extinguished.

According to reports, staff of the department were safely evacuated from the building.

The PID record room was completely burnt as a result of the fire which erupted on the sixth floor and quickly engulfed the entire building.

The fire, that reportedly erupted after a gas cylinder exploded, was extinguished by the firefighters without any loss of life.

The fire department officials stated that papers, ink and other chemicals inside the building fuelled the blaze.

Police the building has been evacuated and there was no loss of life.

Many workers who stranded in the building were rescued with the help of firemen.

Talking to media, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary said that a committee has been set up to ascertain the causes of fire.

He said the committee will be headed by Secretary Information Shafqat Jalil and will explore the incident from various angles.

The minister claimed that no human or material loss occurred in the incident and the record and archives of PID are completely safe as fire could not reach those areas.

Fawad Chaudhry informed that the PID building is old and we were already considering to shift it to some other place.

He said these incidents are a continuity of the mismanagement of the previous government.

The information minister said the incumbent government has started efforts to make positive changes in all departments.

He said archives of PID are being digitalized for their preservation.