Another Saudi prince dead in last 24 hours

Another Saudi prince dead in last 24 hours

Riyadh (Web Desk): Hours after the death of Mansour Bin Muqrin, son of former crown prince Muqrin al-Saud, there are unverified reports of death of yet another Saudi prince.

AlIthad News has quoted a Saudi Royal Court release saying that the Saudi royal family mourned the death of the prince who died at 44. It has not cited a reason for the death, however.

Prince Aziz, 44, was the youngest son of King Fahd and was reportedly arrested on Sunday.

The news of the arrest and a subsequent gunfight came from various sources and earlier reports suggested that Abdul Aziz was hospitalised. The al-Masdar news network first reported the news of his death and later removed it.

The rumours of death began doing the rounds after few verified accounts broke the news.

Meanwhile, other reports said that Aziz was killed in a gunfight while allegedly resisting arrest.

A report on The Duran website however did not mention a gunfight but only said ‘died during an attempted arrest’.