Movie based on ‘Zainab-rape case’ going to be released soon

Movie based on ‘Zainab-rape case’ going to be released soon

Lahore (Web Desk): A national Pakistani channel is going to release a telefilm that would be named ‘Zainab Ke Qaatil' (Zainab’s Murderers) based on the brutal happenings of the Zainab rape and murder case.

Sources say that it is a film that depicts the exact events as they followed which resulted in Zainab’s murder.

Nobody could forget the incident of Zainab rape and murder case in early 2018 in Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan.

Such films create awareness among the public and are a source of guidance for the people to stay protected from such inhumane/cruel acts which are ‘The darker sides of the society’.

It is pertinent to remember that the nation of Pakistan strongly condemned this brutal act and it was being taken into consideration by the government also. Many Ngo’s, Celebrities, Party Leaders, Activists played their role in getting justice for Zainab and her family.

The culprit was soon caught and sentenced after the proofs were found against him via DNA and CCTV footage.